Joy School

Architectural design for Joy School in Chuchuliga, North Ghana.

Joy School currently provides education for over 350 children in the small town of Chuchuliga in north Ghana, in a ramshackle arrangement of buildings left abandoned by the highway authority. We are working with Trade Right International and this local school to deliver a set of buildings which will form a new campus with 14 new classrooms, support spaces and a large assembly hall.
The early concept design of the new school shown here revolves around the large trees existing on site, which have played a significant role in the school to date- it was under these trees that the classes first met when the school was founded, and their shelter is still used by the kids for many of their classes and games.The proposed new classroom blocks are placed around these trees, creating sheltered internal spaces reminiscent of the local vernacular dwellings where traditional mud structures are built to form closed circles. The area enclosed by these blocks will provide a safe and shaded space where the children can play and circulate around the school.
This concept design is under continuing development through close participation with the local community, and it is projected to begin on site in early 2015.
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