The Goodwill Centre is a Charity which works with children and the local community in a deprived part of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. In 2015 Orkidstudio undertook the ambitious project of designing, funding and constructing new facilities which have improved and increased the work which the Goodwill Centre was able to do within the community. Built with a team of 30 volunteers and local labourers, the project was completed in just 8 weeks
The new centre includes 4 classrooms, an IT room, soap production room, of ce, a small library, and storage spaces, all poised above a free flowing playground. A tight urban plot restricted the amount of space which we had to work with, and so to maintain as much play space as possible almost all the accommodation is raised above ground level by an elegant concrete frame, freeing up almost the entire site as semi- shaded play space. With tropical monsoon climates, Cambodia was a difficult context to design for, and the architecture is informed by the climate, with every element helping control shading, ventilation, and light, to keep the spaces as passively cool and comfortable as possible.
For more info, see the Orkidstudio website
Photography by Lindsay Perth

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