Mary's Meals is a Scottish based charity which now provides over 1 million school lunches everyday to children accross the world, encouraging kids from the most deprived communities to go to school as well as improving their concentration and nutrition. To facilitate this work Mary's Meals often build new kitchens in schools, which are used to cook for and serve up to 1000 children.

Orkidstudio was asked to develop an improved kitchen design which could be piloted in Kenya, and so I was closely involved in the design and delivery of the new pilot kitchens, which have now been built at two locations. The design focusses on natural light and ventilation, with the roof, wall openings and orientation all helping to draw air through the kitchen and expell any smoke and fumes. Details and construction methods were also kept as simple as possible to ensure that the buildings were cost effective and easily built with local labourers.

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