The Edgewater Mural was commissioned for The Lytle House, an intimate gathering space in the heart of Edgewater, Chicago. The project was part of the overall renovation of an old tin factory, to create a unique and beautiful space for events and gatherings. With the space hidden behind a big corten steel gate, the kites of the mural are the first hint of something exciting inside. Loads of local landmarks are packed into the Chicago skyline of the mural, and the greenery of the mural merges into the garden of the courtyard.
The Lytle House hosts weddings and loads of other events and gatherings, and the mural is just one of the many creative and bespoke touches within the place. You can even find some pictures of people getting married in front of the mural on their instagram!
Photos courtesy of Michelle Lytle Photography
Edgewater Mural from outside, showing kites rising across side of building
Full view of Edgewater mural, in the grounds of the Lytle House
Full view of the Edgewater Mural, with kites flying above a Chicago and Edgewater skyline
The Edgewater Mural in the grounds of the Lytle House
The Edgewater mural, as part of the Lytle House community event space

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