I was commissioned by The Scotsman, Scotland's historic national newspaper, to create a piece of art to mark their 200 year birthday. The piece attempts to capture the vibrancy, dynamism, and diversity of Scotland, all emerging from a Foster Printing Press, which was used to produce the first issues of the Scotsman back in 1817.
A limited edition of art prints were made as gifts to staff and friends of the paper to mark the occasion. 
Ian Stewart, The Scotsman’s editorial director, said: “I was keen to mark the huge milestone that is 200 years with something a bit different that would obviously talk to the history and 200 years, but also reflected the values of the paper, something of demonstrable ­quality. I loved the thought that it would even be something of paper and ink. It is something of great quality that will last, and that is very fitting.”

Read more, and watch a short interview video, on the Scotsman website.
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