The 10 minute Animated Short 'Luna's Quest' was created by Ten Ten Resources as part of a resource package for schools. Set within an apocalyptic near-future backdrop it tells the journey of our hero Luna as she tries to save the life of her brother. The animation is used in classes with teenagers to unpack and discuss different themes around the virtue 'temperance'.
I was responsible for developing the aesthetic for the animation from initial mood boards and animatic sketches, through character development and backgrounds, then producing all the art assets to be used in the animation and liaising with the animator as they were compiled.
The animation was created from illustrated layers using parallax effects to create movement and perspective. Below is a short clip reel from the animation.
Director - Martin O'Brien
Writer - Mike Chappell
Creative Producer - Edith Kirkwood
Artwork - David Fleck
Video Editor & Animation - Gokce Pehlivanoglu
Composer - Rónán Johnston

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